Fractured Mirror Productions is seeking a co-collaborator for our popular fall show, "Shades of Poe"!

A Little History...
"Shades of Poe" has run from Mid-October through Halloween every year since 2009, except for 2014. I took last year off for a variety of reasons, and was surprised at how many people missed it. I was at an event at our venue a few weeks ago, and was approached by several people saying they were sorry they didn't get to see Poe last year, and please say we're bringing it back this year! We have an established audience base, and i feel we have a lot of options for expanding that base.

So What's the Problem?
The show is currently run from pre-production through to the end by one person: myself. The show has grown a lot over the years, and it needs to grow even more if it is to be profitable for the production company. However, i am at my limit. Even if I were to match what we did in 2013 and not change the show at all, i would need help.

What are you looking for?
I am looking for someone who is a "jack of all trades" in theater. The ideal candidate would know his or her tech, as part of the job will be assisting with setting up the scenery and lights in the venue. I would like for the candidate to help with publicity- both with ideas and with implementation. Most of all, the candidate needs to care- to be passionate about making theater happen.
Strong preference will be given to candidates in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area. Our venue is in Collingswood, NJ, so please take travel and tolls into consideration before applying.
What i'm really looking for, in the long run, is a partner for my production company. But in the short term, i need another knowledgeable set of hands to keep this show going.

What does it pay?
We will discuss payment in the interview. However, I have ideas for future productions that i have been unable to realize because they can't be done alone. So if this partnership works out well, we will talk about new projects going forward. If you want to know more about what this production company stands for (and where I got the name) feel free to check out my About page!

If you are interested and think you'd be a good fit for this production, please send a resume and cover letter to The cover letter is your opportunity to say what your resume can't- why you want to work with Fractured Mirror Productions. If I think you'll be a good fit, I'll contact you for an informal interview.
I look forward to hearing from you!